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Connecting The Dots Between Products & People

The only content company engineered for products that evolve.


We are laser-focused on helping product makers and marketers engage their audiences with effective product education and marketing content. Our processes are fine-tuned for today’s connected consumer as we leverage a proven team of master creators, animators, influencers, enthusiasts and subject matter experts.


Some stories are best told by the brand, others are best shared by enthusiasts or influencers. Either way, we help ensure the right content is consumed by the right audiences in the right places. We think about how best to leverage search, voice and emerging channels and promote organic discoverability of all your content.


We thrive on data-driven analysis of how product content is discovered and engaged with to recommend iterations, topics, interactivity and channels to improve and optimize both the content effectiveness and its discoverability.


Most products today are not stagnant… why is your product content? From UI/UX changes to software and firmware updates, today’s products are in flux. We specialize in creating content for products that evolve. Our proven process helps define the best way to create, distribute and manage content that will no doubt evolve over time.

Why DotLot?

Increase in searches for tutorial and product education videos each year
63 Billion
Views of consumer electronics content on YouTube in 2017 (44% yoy)
Of consumers say they have difficulty in using their devices.
$17 Billion
Worth of electronic products returned in US in 2017. Most from lack of product knowledge.

Our Work.

DotLot originated as the video division of veteran digital marketing agency, The Buddy Group (TBG). With a 12 year legacy as a leading agency, TBG has crafted strategic and creative marketing initiatives for incredible brands across multiple industries.

After two years of exploration into modern customers’ expectations, their need for more extensive product education and information content, and their desire for richer experiences around the products they consider and purchase, TBG invested into relaunching DotLot as a stand-alone company to address the need of product makers and marketers head on. With that, DotLot has come to the forefront with our ability to solve the growing needs of product marketers as product information and product education content has become a most effective tool for customer acquisition and satisfaction.

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About Us.

DotLot exists to focus on the strategic creation, distribution, and measurement of product education and marketing content. With a heavy focus on software and connected devices, Dotlot is uniquely positioned to create content for products and services that continue to evolve, whether through product enhancements or software and firmware updates.

Conceived in 2006 by The Buddy Group, a nationally recognized modern marketing agency, DotLot originated as the digital video backlot for YouTube video content, leveraging The Buddy Group’s proprietary technology to manage a brand’s custom channel on YouTube. As the importance of video continues to rise, DotLot has evolved from a series of sound stages and content creators to a focused collective of product content specialists, publishers, technologies, and influencer network.

While YouTube continues to be a major part of most distribution strategies, DotLot recognizes the importance of accounting for and embracing emerging channels and points of access. DotLot has experience planning, creating, distributing and measuring the power of voice search, social discovery, 3rd party publishers and influencer owned channels on behalf of the product.

Your product is pretty smart – we think your product’s content should be too. Let us help you connect the dots between your product and your users.